Wood-burning stove


Wefve installed a wood-burning stove!

@Wefve started using our wood-burning stove this year. The wood-burning stove season lasts until April.
@We love the wood-burning stove season. Itfs the time of year that things are slowest, and wefre most relaxed. Stews simmer on the stove, and the gratins, bread and other foods that we cook using the stove are the best ever. Thanks to our stove, we can offer a much broader repertoire of dishes to our customers. It goes without saying that wine, especially red, taste even better when the stove is going.We never get tired of feeding wood into the stove and watching the fire. It gives us a pleasure that no other heating equipment could ever provide.

@Our wood-burning stove, which Aya had wanted for a long time, is an oven-type stove made by a manufacturer called Pecan. Theyfve been making wood-burning stoves for 25 years, and not only are they ideal for heating, but theyfre great for cooking as well. As soon as winter starts, our oven goes into standby status, and Aya just loves using the wood-burning stove for cooking. No matter what you cook, it tastes different when itfs cooked on a wood-burning stove compared to a gas oven. We canft use it for large groups of guests, but we use it when we have a small number of people staying. In winter, we usually have fewer guests, so we can almost always cook using our wood-burning stove.

@The stove gives us one more reason to really enjoy winter. Wefre grateful for it.